The first time I saw work from Amanda Marie Ploegsma was in  the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art in December 2010.    Not long after that, I saw work from her again in the Gildar Gallery in Denver (shortly after it emerged from its metamorphosis from the Illiterate Gallery).   You can’t miss her one of a kind style, incorporating stencils, nostalgic power, modern imagery contrasted with a mid-century feel.   The work is amazing.   

But, this post has even more of a twist; these pictures were taken in Miami at Scope Art Fair, so you would be right to assume that this local girl has expanded her horizons beyond the rockies.   But, the real twist in this post: her work was on display as part of the Andenken Gallery which is in AMSTERDAM!  I have to say, that I travel and go to dozens (if not hundreds) of art galleries all over the country, and at these art fairs see work from all over the world.   And she is the only artist I have ever seen Boulder, Denver, Miami and Amsterdam.

Check out Amanda Marie’s page, it is easy to get lost and look at her work for an hour:

And, check out the Gildar Gallery, one of the treasures of the Denver Art Scene.  THEY HAVE AN AMAZING ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW THIS SATURDAY JANUARY 12th 2013.   Their website is

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