For the last several years Hellion Gallery has been putting together art shows of the highest order, especially known for bringing international talent to Portland (although this month it stayed in the 503 area code drawing from Portland’s phenomenal local talent pool).  Founded by the author of the book "The Tall Trees of Tokyo" and  curator of note (perhaps most notably of as the former curator for the Compound Gallery in Portland) Matt Wagner, Hellion gallery is known not only for putting on great shows, but especially noted for finding artists with great investment upside early in their career. 

Enjoy a great show, make some money.  I feel like those 7 words are probably enough to bring most people to the show, but why not point out that the second story brick space is actually a beautiful display area in its own right. 

This month’s show features two of my favorite Portaland artists, Stephanie Buer and J. Shea.  I have been a long time fan of J. Shea, you might remember this post I wrote about him a few months back  And, Stephanie, like myself left southeast Michigan (I was born and raised in Ann Arbor) and found inspiration in Bridge City. 

The two pair together extremely well despite the different mediums, Stephanie finding a way to paint the beauty in decay, J. finding ways to re-assemble decay into mixed media assmblages of beauty.  The show opens Thursday October 3rd at Hellion Gallery (19 Northwest 5th Ave., Portland OR 97209) with an opening reception at 6:00pm.  More information at

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