Title: Ghosts are Everywhere Artist: Myah Bailey Size: 8X10 Part of the “Love Sick” series, which is the first part of Myah’s larger collection titled “Seaworthy”. Lovesick is a series of images created by Myah Bailey depicting the female inhabitants of the fictitious coastal village of Seaworthy. The town centers around a tattoo artist who is also a prophet, with the gift of inking his customers with messages from within their soul. The patrons don’t choose their tattoos, but instead allow the prophet to transform them into a canvas to capture their own inner spirits in the form of words and images. Funky animals in ethereal colors, giant hair and non-matching socks are her signature, but there is so much more to her. Myah Bailey is a woman who thrives in change. A lifetime of constant transition has brought her across the country, coast to coast, north and south, for now she is nestled in the mountains in Boulder, Colorado. Educated at Eastern Michigan, this former fashion photographer loves you, and thanks you for reading her biography.
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