Koko Bayer Sticker Pack

Koko Bayer Sticker Pack

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Artist: Koko Bayer

Pack of 5 stickers each approximately 3" x 3" 

Koko Bayer is a Denver-based artist whose work focuses on outdoor installations of printed images.  Since 2015 she has installed thousands of temporary outdoor works for her “temporary structures project” a collaboration with grandfather Herbert Bayer’s work. Ranging from foot-long prints to large murals, her goal is to “adorn, engage and educate.”  In May of 2020 she began Project Spread Hope a series of installations created in response to the COVID-19 crisis as a reminder of the power of hope. 

Born in France, Bayer moved to Colorado at age six. She studied design, printmaking and filmmaking at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts, and the New School in New York. 

Her work has been featured in several mural festivals including BabeWalls 2020, Chrush Walls 2016-2020, StreetWise Boulder 2019/2020, Rocky Mountain Walls, Colorcon and B-Line Chicago. Solo exhibitions include her two 2020 shows “Pink Lemonade Hope” in the Freyer – Newman Center at the Denver Botanic Gardens and “Souvenirs” at Dateline gallery.  

She is a member of ‘BagBaySha” with artists Chris Bagley and Thomas Scharfenberg.  Together they attempt to educate and solve major world issues with art installations. In addition to their 2020 installation “Salt and Pepper Ghost” for “No Place to Go” they have done installations at MegaFauna, Alto and Leon galleries.

She is currently directing head+heart+hand a documentary exploring Herbert Bayer’s art. The film uses Bayer’s theories on visual communication to explore his diverse and fascinating work.